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A Word About Us

The Government Benchmarking Service (GovBench) is a non-profit (501c3) organization, formed in 2005 to provide city and county governments with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve service delivery performance.  However, in order to improve service delivery performance, you first have to know something about current performance and then you have to know something about what that performance could be.

Helping figure that out is what GovBench does.


Our Views

First, building organizational capacity begins with building smarter and higher performing managers and analysts. They must possess a high level of proficiency at performance measurement, performance analysis and performance improvement.

Secondly, at GovBench, we believe the most effective local government is a well-informed local government that uses the best information and the best data available to make decisions and ultimately achieve better results.


Services Provided

  • Custom Search Engines:  Simultaneously search multiple city and county websites by the State of your choice.  Additionally, search news and information services provided by local government professional associations, both national and state.

  • Data Portal:  Visually compare how you’re doing against your peers on a state-by-state basis.  This is fundamental benchmarking.

  • Hosting:  Your internal performance metrics so you can assess and report progress both internally and to your citizens.

Analyzing the data

GovBench Background


In 2019 GovBench provided both technical and consulting services to a major coastal community in FL which enabled this P&R agency to more effectively use its benchmarking data.  Technical services included importing all available data into an online database, creating reports and dashboards via Business Intelligence tools to allow the City to interact with the data using visualization tools, and allow the agency to add any historical data or performance indicators that might become important going forward.


In 2019 GovBench began providing technical assistance to a newly formed Benchmarking initiative of parks and recreation agencies in IL who are working collaboratively to: 1) address regional trends and challenges; 2) share information and best practices; 3) identify similarities and differences between agencies to more accurately measure performance; and 4) learn best practices in performance management. GovBench assistance includes an annual composite trend report; an automated online interactive dashboard to customize benchmarking data, and a hosted landing page for use by the Benchmarking Initiative.


During 2017-2018 GovBench Principals worked with an Animal Services agency in a a major FL county government to improve their use of available benchmarking data as well as craft new performance indicators in line with the balanced scorecard framework.


Over a period of several years, GovBench Principal worked with ICMA, the International City/County Management Association, in Iraq and Afghanistan, building organizational capacity within the Federal Ministries and the Provincial Governments.  The primary focus of the capacity building was improving managerial skills and competence at the service delivery level.

Over a two decade period, GovBench Principal managed a nationwide nonprofit membership-based organization, serving over 400 cities and counties with professional networking and information services, training and conferencing and technical assistance on how to improve service-delivery.  This assistance included a pioneering web-based benchmarking networking service developed exclusively for local governments.  This pioneering work spawned several state-based benchmarking efforts that went on to produce exceptional benchmarking services for their city/county members.



"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

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